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Great Deceiver

We gave the Devil his due in this big, bold, Imperial Pilsner. Noble German hops lend spicy and floral notes to a sweet, bready malt backbone. A finish so crisp and clean you'll be hell-bent on reaching for another!

Our Share

This well-balanced, sessionable IPA brings notes of pine and berry, with a smooth malt backbone that will have you sharing this beer all year long.

Apricot Hefeweizen

This smooth and unfiltered fruited hefeweizen has a beautiful apricot nose and a refreshing, slightly tart finish. The bounty of the orchard is now portable.

Island Hop

Boasting notes of pineapple and orange, our tropical IPA is fruity, unfiltered and easy-drinking at 5% ABV. Welcome to paradise – where hops abound, and parasols are optional.

Polygamy Porter

Why just have one? Polygamy Porter is a smooth, chocolatey, easy-drinkin' brown porter that's more than a little naughty. Take some home to the wives!


It's an indisputable fact – beer alone is responsible for the evolutionary leap from ape to man. This malt-forward ale is balanced with Willamette hops for a crushable amber that would make Charles Darwin proud.

Ghost Rider

This dry-hopped and unfiltered IPA is the embodiment of drinkability. Juicy citrus flavor is balanced with a Premium Pale and Munich malt backbone that won't harsh your mellow.


If you're going to sin, sin big. Our Double Bock is sweet, toasty and rich, but finishes gentle. This beer has developed a serious cult following. Imagine that – a cult following in Utah...

Soops Joos

So hazy, it's crazy. So juicy, it's Super Juicy. Soops Joos has a bright, citrus aroma and a creamy mouthfeel. At 7% ABV, we say skip the OJ and pass the Soops Joos.

Nitro Polygamy Porter

She's on Nitro! Meet the sister-wife of our classic brew. This nitrogenated version is as chocolatey and easy-drinkin' as the original but even softer and creamier. It's ok to love them both.

Blueberry Hefeweizen

It's Harvest time at Wasatch Brewery and this aromatic fruit beer is ripe for the picking! Juicy blueberry meets malted wheat for a fun, light and balanced take on a fruited wheat hefeweizen

Black O’ Lantern

What kind of madman would cross an imperial stout with a pumpkin ale? Our brewers, as it turns out. This rich, chocolatey frankenbrew is dry-spiced and scary good. Boo.


We know you've waited patiently all year long- Wasatch Pumpkin Ale is back! Brewed with pure pumpkin and the finest barley, this amber-hued ale is spiced like your favorite holiday pie and is sure to please.

Mango IPA

Sit down, relax, and slip into the perfect balance of bright hop bitterness and juicy notes of mango and melon. Stories say mango trees possess the magical ability to grant wishes; we predict you'll be wishing for another sessionable Mango IPA.

Strawberry Blonde

Endlessly refreshing and brewed with real strawberries, there's nothing fake about this Strawberry Blonde. Crisp and light-bodied, this ale leaves you with just a kiss of strawberry balanced with a bready malt backbone. She's a heartbreaker!

Snow Bank

When the snow starts to pile up, it's time to reach for the delicious malty notes of Snow Bank Amber Lager. A smooth malt backbone is balanced with heaps of hops for a crisp, clean refresher. Let it snow!

Wonderful Winter Ale

Bundle up and get ready for an Imperial Amber Ale that you'll reach for when the temps go down. Jump on the lift and crack open this deep red ale with a rich caramel malt backbone and an elevated fruity hop profile. First one down for après wins!

Wasatch Hefe

A Wasatch, Quorum Classic. Our Bavarian-style Hefeweizen is refreshing and full of malt and wheat flavor with notes of banana and clove. Finishing with a smooth meringue head, this classic has the power to convert.

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